Starter box

Starter box

  • Large diced goat (500g approx.)
  • Small diced goat (250g approx.)
  • Large minced goat (500g approx.)
  • Small minced goat (250g approx.)
  • x2 Goat leg steak (500g approx.)
  • x4 Goat loin cutlets (450g approx.)
  • x4 Goat loin chops (500g approx.)
  • x1 Goat shank (850g approx.)
  • x6 Goat & rosemary sausages (270g approx.)

    Please note we currently only deliver in Cumbria at a charge of £7.50. If you are further afield and would like to make an order please get in touch on 07772 525286.



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